Miss America

Miss America

Miss America

The best-selling author of Private Parts presents his provocative, controversial, and outrageous views on life, love, politics, celebrities, sexual obsessions, and more. 750,000 first printing. $250,000 ad/promo.

Amazon.com Review
Stern's second memoir focuses more on his professional family than on his biological family, and those who listen to his syndicated radio program will LOVE the chance to know more about Stern's crew. If you've been dying to see Stern in drag, here's your chance. But he's still at his best when he's assessing his celebrity guests, trashing the Kennedys and describing his relationship with his computer. For fans of Stern's longsuffering wife Allison, there is a very funny description of her 40th birthday party, and how Stern came through for her and "her yenta friends.".

From the Back Cover

Now with more than forty pictures of naked breasts, Howard Stern's Miss America offers remarkable revelations about:

Howard's secret meeting with Michael Jackson!
The Stern family pact with Adolf Hitler!
Howard's never-before-revealed mental illness!

With chapters on Howard's ongoing battle with the FCC and his legendary campaign for governor of the state of New York, Miss America covers some of the greatest news stories...

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