People Of Darkness

People Of Darkness

People of Darkness

A dying man is murdered. A rich man's wife agrees to pay three thousand dollars for the return of a stolen box of rocks. A series of odd, inexplicable events is haunting Sergeant Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police and drawing him alone into the Bad Country of the merciless Southwest, where nothing good can survive . . . including Chee. Because an assassin waits for him there, protecting a thirty-year-old vision that greed has sired and blood has nourished. And only one man will walk away.

"He makes the desert come, alive." -- -- Denver Post

"Hillerman . . . is in a class by himself." -- -- Los Angeles Times

"Hillerman deserves to be included in any list of the best living mystery writers." -- -- Dallas Morning News

"Hillerman gets better with every book." -- -- San Francisco Chronicle

"Hillerman is an expert puzzle-maker." -- -- The Atlantic

"Hillerman is surely one of the finest and most original craftsmen at work in the genre today." -- -- The Boston Globe

"Hillerman's mysteries are unique in American crime fiction." -- -- Los Angeles Times

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