When Society Becomes An Addict

When Society Becomes An Addict

When Society Becomes an Addict

An incisive look at the system of addiction pervasive in Western society today.

From Library Journal
Rather than focusing on addictions to such substances as alcohol, drugs, or food or to processes such as gambling, sex, or work, this interesting and unusual treatise uses the concept of relationship addiction. According to this concept, an individual is seen as always being in a superior (or inferior) position to another, an addictive situation that creates self-centeredness, dishonesty, and greed. The symptons associated with relationship addiction are equated with those associated with the "White Male System" (described in Schaef's Women's Reality , LJ 6/15/81) and provide telling insights into why we have a dysfunctional society many of whose members are addicted to substances and processes. Barbara J. Powell, Veterans Administration Medical Ctr., Kansas City, Mo.
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"The author of "Women's Reality goes one step further in interpreting white male culture as an addictive culture. Taking into account substances like alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs, as well as behaviors like eating, spending, and sex, Schaef looks at addictions as part of an all-encompassing societal matrix, and shows...

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