M&A Integration : A Framework For Executives And Managers

M&A Integration : A Framework For Executives And Managers

M&A Integration : A Framework for Executives and Managers

Global M & A activity continues at a blistering pace. However, a recent study of Fortune 500 executives found that postmerger integration issues­­such as culture clashes, style, ego, and change management­­are the most common pitfalls that can derail otherwise successful mergers or acquisitions. M & A Integration meets that trend head-on, providing a practical framework for integrating acquisitions while helping managers direct each step in the volatile postmerger integration process.

From the Inside Flap
Market-Proven Strategies for Managing the Awkward, Perilous Process of Combining Two Companies into One

Once the investment bankers and lawyers have closed their briefcases and gone home, the real work of combining the operations and employees of two independent organizations has just begun. The challenge is to ensure that the valuation and synergies hypothesized prior to the closing of the deal are realized. M&A Integration walks you through every step of this often-overlooked but all too important part of the M&A process.

This hands-on, technique-filled book provides strategies, frameworks, guidelines, and real-world examples for managing a successful integration. It reviews over two decades of deals­­what worked, what didn't, and why­­including:

* Strategies for...

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