A Physicist's Guide To Mathematica, Second Edition

A Physicist's Guide To Mathematica, Second Edition

A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica, Second Edition

For the engineering and scientific professional, A Physicist’s Guide to Mathematica, Second Edition provides an updated reference guide based on the 2007 new 6.0 release, providing an organized and integrated desk reference with step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used features of the software as it applies to research in physics.

For professors teaching physics and other science courses using the Mathematica software, A Physicist’s Guide to Mathematica, Second Edition is the only fully compatible (new software release) Mathematica text that engages students by providing complete topic coverage, new applications, exercises and examples that enable the user to solve a wide range of physics problems.

  • Does not require prior knowledge of Mathematica or computer programming
  • Can be used as either a primary or supplemental text for upper-division physics majors
  • Provides over 450 end-of-section exercises and end-of-chapter problems
  • Serves as a reference suitable for chemists, physical scientists, and engineers
  • Compatible with Mathematica Version 6, a recent major release

"Patrick Tam's contribution, A PHYSICIST'S GUIDE TO MATHEMATICA, is certainly one of the best...Tam's explanations always seem to convey just what you need to know in clear, concise language...Regardless of whether it is used formally in a course...

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