Fundamentals Of Digital Signal Processing

Fundamentals Of Digital Signal Processing

Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

This professional reference provides thorough coverage of digital signal processing techniques and all essential theory—extensively supported by examples, but not dependent on calculus. Motivated learners (even those several years out of school) will be able to master the major DSP methods presented here with step-by-step explanations. The book contains a variety of interesting and in-depth DSP explorations to help establish the link between theory and practice—and give readers a sense of how DSP is used, and an introduction to hardware and software for digital signal processors. For Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Electronics Technologists, Electronics Engineering Technologists, Computer Engineering Technologists, and Researchers.

From the Back Cover

Digital signal processing (DSP) can no longer be considered the domain of graduate students and researchers. It now pervades the technology that we take for granted in our homes and offices, and its influence is growing. Increasingly, DSP is being considered an essential technical skill.

FUNDAMENTALS OFDIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING was written to create an accessible resource for college and university students, engineers, and computer scientists who want to gain a working knowledge of the principles, applications,...

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