Musician's Business And Legal Guide

Musician's Business And Legal Guide

Musician's Business and Legal Guide

For courses in Overview of the Music Industry, Copyright and Publishing, Recording and Merchandising: Major and Independent Levels, Performing and Marketing Your Music, and Managers and Agents. Definitive in scope and written specifically for musicians and songwriters by top professionals currently working in the industry, this text demystifies the music business and the indecipherable body of law which shapes it, and provides substantive information on actual practices-with clause-by-clause commentaries on all major contracts in the industry.

Women, don't let your talents get ripped off! Get educated about the music biz with this one. "In one way or another, music benefits everyone in our society." Well put, and if you're a serious musical writer, performer or producer, you'll want to put this comprehensive legal guide on your reference shelf. It's full of information on managers, unions, contracts, publishing and royalties that may save you thousands of dollars and big headaches. Too many musicians never see the fruits of their labors. This is more than an ounce of prevention. -- From The WomanSource Catalog & Review: Tools for Connecting the Community for Women; review by Lenore Troia

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