Object Databases In Practice

Object Databases In Practice

Object Databases in Practice

Myths about object-oriented databases are rampant. This book debunks them, so database administrators and managers can make informed decisions about the technology. This book presents comprehensive coverage of the "pros and cons" of object-oriented databases, helping managers and administrators decide whether to implement this powerful technology. Through 18 case studies written by expert practitioners, learn how to identify the right applications for OODBMS systems, and understand the hardware requirements and technical tradeoffs involved. The book also includes many never-before-published tips, tricks and techniques for successfully designing and implementing OODBMS in your organization. All database practitioners considering object-oriented database management systems.

From the Inside Flap

Today, the rate of technological change is rapidly accelerating. Organizations are faced with increasingly difficult decisions about their choices for hardware and Software platforms. Furthermore, increasing deregulation in many countries has forced companies into more aggressive deadlines and timescales to compete and survive. At present, object oriented technology is viewed as being able to deliver more reliable and better quality software, because it enables the building of more modular software by using well-defined interfaces and hiding implementation details. This can be seen in...

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