Amber Brown Is Green With Envy

Amber Brown Is Green With Envy

Amber Brown is Green with Envy

Always Bright, Amazingly Bold, Amber Brown! 

Amber's parents just aren't acting the way she thinks parents should. Sometimes her dad goes out on dates when he is supposed to be spending time with her. And her Mom went to Disneyland with Aunt Pam while Amber was with her dad (not fair!). Then Mom and Max decide to get married even sooner and move to a new house—maybe even a new town. Some kids seem to have no problems...and that makes Amber Brown green with envy.

From School Library Journal
Grade 2-4-Fourth-grade Amber Brown is back, and she thinks that nothing in her life is fair, from her mom and aunt going to Disneyland without her to the many changes she must face within her family. Her mother and Max are planning their upcoming wedding, their new life together, and maybe even a future baby together and a new house, and Amber doesn't like it one bit. She's also angry at her father because he has a date. Then she must make a difficult decision when her mom and Max let her help choose between a new home with a swimming pool...

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