Literature And The Child

Literature And The Child

Literature and the Child

With a slender design and appealing art, Cullinan and Galda present a thought provoking discussion on how children can read to respond, read to learn, and read to enjoy. This text provides evaluation criteria for selecting superior children's books, rather than listing thousands of titles and synopses. Booklists direct readers to quality literature, and extended discussions of selected titles demonstrate the selection criteria. Multicultural literature is discussed throughout the text, with a separate chapter on more specific multicultural issues. Numerous teaching ideas, many of which are contributed by classroom teachers, provide practical applications. This is a book for teachers, stressing the use of good books in a literature based curriculum.

"The pedagogical features are a significant strength across all the chapters of Literature and the Child. The "A Close Look At…" feature supports my course objective to focus on fewer specific works in depth rather than many books in a more superficial way. The profiles also add depth and interest."

"Both Chapters 13 and 14, on literature-based instruction, are strong contributions to the text. The specific information and detailed classroom vignettes put flesh on concepts covered in reading methods courses. Students...

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