Gender Through The Prism Of Difference

Gender Through The Prism Of Difference

Gender Through the Prism of Difference

Gender Through the Prism of Difference adopts a global, transnational perspective on how race,
class, and sexual diversity are central to the study of sex and gender. In contrast with other books in
this area--which tend to focus on U.S. or European viewpoints--this wide-ranging anthology features
many articles based on research done elsewhere throughout the world. Now in its fifth edition,
the book opens with a revised and updated Introduction that sets the stage for understanding gender
as a socially constructed experience. Featuring twenty-eight new readings, this edition covers
compelling subjects like transgendered people, intersex issues, men and masculinity, sexual and
gender violence, disabilities, obesity, reproductive technologies, educational testing, aging and
ageism, and Occupy Wall Street.


"Gender Through the Prism of Difference offers a wonderful global perspective on the interconnectedness of gender and race. It does a good job of bringing together major thinkers in the field of the sociology of gender while also including those outside of sociology/academia."--Maura Ryan, Georgia State University

"I love the intersectional and institutional focus. I also like the diversity of voices represented, both in terms of demographics and experience."--Amanda Moras, Sacred Heart University

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