Music Library And Research Skills

Music Library And Research Skills

Music Library and Research Skills

Music Library and Research Skills, Second Edition, introduces the prime concepts of music research, helping students develop a firm understanding of the tools that provide information about music: what types of sources exist, how they are arranged, and how they may best be used to do research. Covering a wide range of music reference sources for research in all genres of music, the text is thorough, lively, and informative.


"Gottlieb's text is a very good and concise overview of the many facets and types of music resources and research tools. It is a practical and pragmatic resource for a variety of music students."
--Jann Cosart, Baylor University

"Music Library and Research Skills covers all of the important resources for music research. The text's brief introductory sections place the resources in context and describe their significance. Particular advantages include: the book's practical emphasis found in the use of real-life scenarios; the brief suggestions for use of resources within the overall research process; and the various hints contained in boxes.
--Judith Bowman, Duquesne University

"The organization is clearer, annotations superior, and level of intellectual engagement deeper in Gottlieb's text than other works. I would recommend...

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