Power And Ideology In Education

Power And Ideology In Education

Power and Ideology in Education

The thirty-seven articles of this volume provide an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of educational institutions in modern society. Written by historians, anthropologists, sociologists, and economists, they create a synthesis of the variety of theoretical perspectives and
methodological approaches now competing for attention in educational research.

"A must book if one is to understand American education as an institution of ideas and domination. All people who want to be teachers must read it."--Macario Franco Ortiz, Evergreen Valley College

"An important reference and source of inspiration for advanced students and scholars in the field for at least the next half decade and probably longer."--Contemporary Sociology

"The best work of its kind...Far more than a sampler of valuable materials, though it is that, too."--Social Forces

"Comprehensive in scope, fluid and coherent in style. Raises the key issues, yet provides considerable detail."--Philip Lesser, The Ohio State University

"Excellent selection of original and existing articles. Well integrated by their thoughtful introductory chapter and by their prefaces to each section."--C. H. Persell, New York University

"Super book! Lots of my favorite literature in one place."--Thomas Wiggins, University of Oklahoma


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