Reparations: Pro And Con

Reparations: Pro And Con

Reparations: Pro and Con

Today, the debate over reparations--whether African-Americans should be compensated for decades of racial subjugation--stands as the most racially divisive issue in American politics. In this short, definitive work, Alfred L. Brophy, a leading expert on racial violence, traces the reparations issue from the 1820s to the present in order to assess the arguments on both sides of the current debate. Taking us inside litigation and legislatures past and present; examining failed and successful lawsuits; and exploring reparations actions by legislatures, newspapers, schools, businesses, and truth commissions, this book offers a valuable historical and legal perspective for reparations advocates and critics alike.

"A book about reparations and its contentious qualities that is a must-read for all. If you want to know the essence of the debate, this book is for you."
--Charles K. Ogletree, Jr., Harvard Law School


"Reparations is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the ins and outs of the debate about 'building something better for the future by correcting for past injustice.'"--Harvard Law Review

"A comprehensive yet very accessible book on a controversial outstanding source. Recommended."--CHOICE

"Amidst the often rancorous national debate over reparations for slavery, Alfred Brophy's Reparations: Pro and...

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