Foundations Of Organic Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Foundations Of Organic Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Foundations of Organic Chemistry (Oxford Chemistry Primers)

Advanced high-school and beginning undergraduate students will find this book a readable and stimulating summary of the fundamentals of organic chemistry. The first three chapters introduce basic physical chemistry and lay the groundwork for the mechanistic organic chemistry covered later in the book. The importance of bonding and mechanisms are stressed throughout, and students are encouraged to apply their chemical knowledge in new and unfamiliar situations in order to develop and sustain their interest. The wide range of examples includes natural products and pharmaceuticals, with the final chapter exploring some new developments and providing an introduction to current research.

'This book, one of the Oxford Chemistry Primers, consolidates what should have been learnt at school and prepares the student for a university level course.'
Peter Budd, New Scientist, September 1993

'the treatment is clear and concise and includes some useful analogies ... Considering the very reasonable price and clear presentation, I have no hesitation in recommending this book as a study guide and revision aid for students attending school and FE colleges.'
David Armstead, Education in Chemistry, November 1993

'deals with quite advanced concepts in a confident...

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