An Introduction To Infectious Disease Modelling

An Introduction To Infectious Disease Modelling

An Introduction to Infectious Disease Modelling

Mathematical models are increasingly being used to examine questions in infectious disease control. Applications include predicting the impact of vaccination strategies against common infections and determining optimal control
strategies against HIV and pandemic influenza.

This book introduces individuals interested in infectious
diseases to this exciting and expanding area. The
mathematical level of the book is kept as simple as
possible, which makes the book accessible to those who have
not studied mathematics to university level. Understanding
is further enhanced by models that can be accessed online,
which will allow readers to explore the impact of different
factors and control strategies, and further adapt and
develop the models themselves.

The book is based on successful courses developed by the
authors at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical
Medicine. It will be of interest to epidemiologists, public
health researchers, policy makers, veterinary scientists,
medical statisticians and infectious disease researchers.

This book has grown out of the experience of the authors teaching such a course for several years at the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The Contents are very comprehensive, with chapters on basic terminology concerning infections and transmission, models based on difference equations, models based on differential equations, basic output from...

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