AI: Its Nature And Future

AI: Its Nature And Future

AI: Its Nature and Future

The applications of Artificial Intelligence lie all around us; in our homes, schools and offices, in our cinemas, in art galleries and - not least - on the Internet. The results of Artificial Intelligence have been invaluable to biologists, psychologists, and linguists in helping to understand the processes of memory, learning, and language from a fresh angle.

As a concept, Artificial Intelligence has fuelled and sharpened the philosophical debates concerning the nature of the mind, intelligence, and the uniqueness of human beings. Margaret A. Boden reviews the philosophical and technological challenges raised by Artificial Intelligence, considering whether programs could ever be really intelligent, creative or even conscious, and shows how the pursuit of Artificial Intelligence has helped us to appreciate how human and animal minds are possible.

Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence - a wonderful read. * Jack Copeland, Director of the Turing Archive for the History of Computing * A masterclass of a book * Barbara Kiser, Nature * Boden, as an academic in the field of AI, really knows her stuff, and you get a clear understanding from her book of the various different kinds of AI,...

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