The Language Of Morals (Oxford Paperbacks)

The Language Of Morals (Oxford Paperbacks)

The Language of Morals (Oxford Paperbacks)

Hare has written a clear, brief, and readable introduction to ethics which looks at all the fundamental problems of the subject.


"Valuable reissue of a classic, well produced for student use."--James Robertson, Cogswell College

"This then is a book which all serious students of moral philosophy--dons as well as undergraduates--will have to ponder."--Mind

"It is a perceptive contribution toward the solution of many fundamental problems of ethics."--Philosophical Review

"It is indeed the accuracy, the thoroughness of this analysis that makes The Language of Morals by far the best introduction to moral philosophy to appear for many years."--New Statesman

About the Author
R. M. Hare is at Oxford University.

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