Facing Facts

Facing Facts

Facing Facts

Stephen Neale presents a powerful, original examination of a cornerstone of modern philosophy: the idea that our thoughts and utterances are representations of reality, that accurate or true representations are those that correspond to the facts. Facing Facts will be crucial to future work in metaphysics, logic, and the philosophy of mind and language, and will have profound implications far beyond.


"Neale's book is written with such thoroughness, clarity, and rigor...No one with an interest in intensionality or the semantics of descriptions will want to miss this book."--John MacFarlane, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"Neale's book is meticulous in its scholarship, compellingly written and rigorously argued...It demands to be read by anyone interested in slingshot arguments."--New Books

About the Author

Stephen Neale is Professor of Philosophy, Rutgers University.

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