Ethics And World Politics

Ethics And World Politics

Ethics and World Politics

Ideal for courses in international relations and political theory, Ethics and World Politics explores the ethical dimensions of some of the most complex problems in world politics. Drawing together distinguished scholars from around the world, this cutting-edge text provides unique coverage of numerous approaches and issues.

To help break down the material and make it more accessible to students, editor Duncan Bell divides the text into three parts:

* Part I: Methods and Political Theory covers the different methods and approaches employed to study the subject including analytical political theory, post-structuralism, and critical theory.

* Part II: General Perspectives surveys some of the most prominent perspectives on global ethics including cosmopolitanism, communitarianism of various kinds, theories of international society, realism, postcolonialism, feminism, and green political thought.

* Part III: Themes presents numerous case studies, helping students to link concrete examples to general theoretical discussions. It examines a variety of more specific issues, including immigration, democracy, human rights, the just war tradition and its critics, international law, and global poverty and inequality.

Ethics and World Politics is supported by a Companion Website that provides students with additional case studies, a glossary, and useful weblinks. The website also offers PowerPoint-based lecture slides...

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