Invitation To World Religions

Invitation To World Religions

Invitation to World Religions

Featuring a unique, consistent, and modular chapter structure--"Teachings," "Way of Life," and "History"--and numerous pedagogical features, Invitation to World Religions invites students to explore the world's great religions with respect and a sense of wonder. It describes the essential features of each religion and shows how they have responded to basic human needs and to the cultural contexts in which they developed. The authors also encourage students to develop an appreciation of what religious beliefs and practices actually mean to their adherents.


A consistent, modular chapter structure--"Teachings," "Way of Life," and "History"--enables students to focus on content rather than trying to navigate each chapter anew

Voices: In personal, candid interviews, a diverse array of people share the ways in which they live their faiths

Visual guides: Keys to important religious symbols--in easy-to-read tables--offer quick reference and comparison points

Chapter-opening maps provide geographical context for each religion's development

Timelines help students trace the evolution of each religion within its larger social and political context

Seeking Answers sections at the end of each chapter encourage students to constructively compare the ways in which different religions address the same essential questions

For Review questions prompt students to reexamine essential concepts

For Further Reflection questions invite students to...

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