Theories Of Personality: A Zonal Perspective

Theories Of Personality: A Zonal Perspective

Theories of Personality: A Zonal Perspective

Theories of Personality or Personality Psychology.   In place of the historical, categorical, and research methods of teaching personality, Berecz maps theories and research onto a grid that allows readers to analyze and compare. Instead of learning theoretical terms or analyzing research findings related to a particular theory, students will evaluate and compare personality constructs in different zones of interdisciplinary research. This approach facilitates both comprehension and retention, making sense of an encyclopedic volume of theories and research.


“Another strength is that it constantly challenges students to apply theory to their own lives to solve “minor” problems…the text encourages the reader to think critically about all theories of personality, and for that matter, behavior. The text encourages students to evaluate one theory against another and to place it in relevant factor space. This is an exceptional book that I wish I had my hands on NOW.”  --William McCown, University of Louisiana at Monroe


Real world accessibility is one of the strengths of the book.  The author makes a genuine effort to make theoretical concepts applicable to everyday...

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