Handbook Of Semiotics (Advances In Semiotics)

Handbook Of Semiotics (Advances In Semiotics)

Handbook of Semiotics (Advances in Semiotics)

"This is the most systematic discussion of semiotics yet published." ―Choice

"A bravura performance." ―Thomas Sebeok

"Nöth’s handbook is an outstanding encyclopedia that provides first-rate information on many facets of sign-related studies, research results, and applications." ―Social Sciences in General

From Library Journal
Mapping a discipline as new as semiotics involves not only compilation and description, but making substantive choices regarding the taxonomy and dimensions of the field. Noth succeeds admirably in this formidable undertaking. He casts a wide net, incorporating a variety of perspectives: historical, systematic, generic, and institutional. While the individual entries may be too brief to aid a specialist in his own field, Noth's book does provide a workable framework for relating disciplines to each other and to the pioneering theorists of the field, from Peirce to Jakobson. Noth rounds out his work with a treatment of the most recent developments and the provision of extensive, up-to-date bibliographical data. Recommended for academic libraries.
- Alexander Gelley, Univ. of California, Irvine
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WINFRIED NÖTH is Professor of English Linguistics...

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