Get A Freelance Life:'s Insider Guide To Freelance Writing

Get A Freelance Life:'s Insider Guide To Freelance Writing

Get a Freelance Life:'s Insider Guide to Freelance Writing

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Considering a career in freelance writing? Already a freelancer but seeking practical, solid advice on the basics of the business? Get a Freelance Life is the complete guide to all aspects of a freelance writing career, straight from the creators of—the nation’s most connected, authoritative source for media professionals.

Learn how to:

• Write compelling pitch letters

• Network with the best in the magazine and newspaper industry

• Understand the freelance market and detect its changes

• Self-edit and rewrite your work

• Manage tight deadlines

• Negotiate contracts

• Survive the financial ups and downs of the freelance life

With plenty of insider advice and tips from the most successful freelance writers and editors in the country, Get a Freelance Life is a must-have resource for turning your freelance gigs into a full-fledged writing career.

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