Strategies For Managerial Writing

Strategies For Managerial Writing

Strategies for Managerial Writing

This book responds to the critical need for business professionals - and those who aspire to successful careers in business - to be able to communicate effectively through the many various written modalities common in the business world. The text is organized according to products of business writing, the memorandum, e-mail, press releases, reports, letters of evaluation, and so on. To strengthen the student learning experience, the written exercises in the text and in the workbook are based on "in-basket" exercises, real-life examples of corporate communication, and scenarios requiring the student to adopt a point of view and communicate from that position. The text and its accompanying exercises focus upon teaching the student to communicate effectively with productive outcomes.

In summary, this text seems appropriate for teaching basic formats combined with writing techniques, which should enable students to apply their knowledge to produce effective written communication appropriate for business and industry.

About the Author
Steven H. Gale is the University Endowed Chair in the Humanities in the Whitney Young, Jr. College of Leadership Studies at Kentucky State University. He has taught at the University of Southern California, the...

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