Shredderman: Enemy Spy

Shredderman: Enemy Spy

Shredderman: Enemy Spy just made the national news! Everyone is talking about the new cyber-superhero. Oh yeah!

But now people are dying to know who is behind Reporters are snooping all over Cedar Valley! Oh no!

Nolan's parents and even his sidekick, Mr. Green, think he should lay low for a while. But being Shredderman is the best thing that's ever happened to Nolan. It's so much better than being Byrd-the-Nerd. Plus, Nolan's just stumbled across what might be a real spy-ring! How can Shredderman not try to fight it?

But some problems are too big for even a superhero to handle. Sometimes the mask gets in the way. Will Nolan's quest for truth and justice mean he has to give up his secret identity? Can he become a superhero in real life?

From the Trade Paperback edition.

From School Library Journal
Grade 3-7-In his fourth appearance, Nolan stumbles onto an international spy ring and sets off a chain reaction of suspicions that lead to the arrests of his parents and his teacher. To complicate things, his archenemy, Bubba, has discovered that Nolan is indeed Shredderman. But instead of exposing his secret, the bully wants one thing: to be...

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