Amazing Armadillos (Step Into Reading)

Amazing Armadillos (Step Into Reading)

Amazing Armadillos (Step into Reading)

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Armadillos may look funny, move oh-so-slowly, and smell a little stinky but mostly they are extraordinary! For example, they can jump three feet in the air to scare away any predators (especially the human variety), they can hold their breath underwater for 10 minutes, and they’ve been known to eat 40,000 bugs in a single meal.

Amazing Armadillos follows a female armadillo as she forages for food, builds a home, and prepares for the birth of her baby pups. It is perfect for newly independent readers who love to learn fun, quirky, and cool facts about amazing animals, like the armadillo.

From Kirkus Reviews
This Step 3 title in the Step into Reading series explores the little-known insect-eating-and-digging machine that is the armadillo. Following one female nine-banded armadillo through a year, readers will learn where this mammal lives, how she protects herself, what and how she eats and how her armor is an asset. Seen as a pest by some in the southern areas they inhabit, she is chased away from homes by people who dislike the holes she digs and her smell. In the spring, she gives birth...

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