Lectures On Quantum Mechanics

Lectures On Quantum Mechanics

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

Beautifully illustrated and engagingly written, Twelve Lectures in Quantum Mechanics presents theoretical physics with a breathtaking array of examples and anecdotes. Basdevant’s style is clear and stimulating, in the manner of a brisk lecture that can be followed with ease and enjoyment. Here is a sample of the book’s style, from the opening of Chapter 1: "If one were to ask a passer-by to quote a great formula of physics, chances are that the answer would be ‘E = mc2’…. There is no way around it: all physics is quantum, from elementary particles, to stellar physics and the Big Bang, not to mention semiconductors and solar cells."


From the reviews:

"This book is a transcription of the introductory lectures on quantum mechanics that Basdevant gives at Ecole Polytechnique in France. … The strength of the book lies in Bedevant’s obvious talent as a lecturer. He is engaging and interesting and uses a wide variety of examples and sources. … These are interesting lectures and would be useful to anyone interested in an advanced introduction, or a review, of the topic. Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate student; faculty." (E. Kincanon, CHOICE, Vol. 44...

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