In The Trenches: Teaching And Learning Sociology

In The Trenches: Teaching And Learning Sociology

In the Trenches: Teaching and Learning Sociology

An extensive guidebook on teaching sociology, written by two recent recipients of the American Sociological Association Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award.

In the Trenches explains the process of becoming a better teacher, from tips on writing a syllabus to the first day of class to assessment. The authors focus on teaching techniques based on extensive research and decades of classroom experience, guiding readers through significant changes in pedagogy and technology. It includes suggested exercises, online resources, and new ways to connect with students.

In the Trenches is the perfect resource for both new teachers who don’t know where to begin and experienced professors looking to improve their students’ experiences and learning abilities in the classroom.

About the Author
Dr. Maxine P. Atkinson is Professor of Sociology at North Carolina State University and an NC State TH!NK Faculty Fellow. As a member of the American Sociological Association’s Departmental Resource Group, she conducts curriculum reviews and teaching workshops. She specializes in teaching graduate students to teach and work with first-year undergraduates. Maxine has published extensively on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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