The Varieties Of History: From Voltaire To The Present

The Varieties Of History: From Voltaire To The Present

The Varieties of History: From Voltaire to the Present

From Voltaire to Marx and Engels, this anthology explores history from the viewpoint of historians. The text includes influential works such as “The New Philosophical History” by Voltaire, “History as Biography” by Thomas Carlyle, and “A New Economic History” by R. W. Fogel.

"I cannot imagine a more engaging and instructive introduction to the fascinations of historical writing than Fritz Stern's classic The Varieties of History."—Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., City University of New York

"This book contains not only an excellent selection of passages which characterize the ideas and the work of leading historians from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, but the book in its entirety provides a stimulating survey of the entire development of modern historiography."—Felix Gilbert, The Institute for Advanced Study

"It is by all odds the best kind of introduction to the study and, what is more, to the enjoyment, of history."—Crane Brinton

From the Back Cover
This is a book by historians about history, personal reflections on an ancient but ever varying discipline. As the present work will show, modern historians have written in a variety of genres, but the multiplicity of style cannot obscure the two...

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