Accounting And Finance Policies And Procedures, (with URL)

Accounting And Finance Policies And Procedures, (with URL)

Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures, (with URL)

Policies and procedures are the foundation of internal controls for organizations. Taking a complicated subject and breaking it into manageable components, this book enables you to hit the ground running and significantly accelerate your completion of a solid policies and procedures program. Comprehensive and practical, this useful book provides you with sample documents you can personalize and customize to meet your company's needs.

"The author provides an excellent framework for organizations to use in establishing and updating policies and procedures. This book is an excellent resource that auditors can use to steer management to as an example of a structured approach to policy and procedure development." (, June 2008)

From the Back Cover
Praise for Accounting and Finance Policies and Procedures

"This comprehensive and practical tool enables accountants to produce documentation on policies and procedures in a quick and thorough manner. The URL download eliminates the tedious administrative setup work, and the detailed description within each section assists in the prevention of overlooking what we very often take for granted. This is not a how-to book; it is a tool that . . ....

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