Analysis Of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products

Analysis Of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products

Analysis of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products

This book describes nerve agents and vesicants, their decomposition and their degradation products' chemistry as well as their toxicity including a list of detection techniques of nerve agents and their degradation products. This book will present their history, toxicity, comparison between different sample preparation methods, separation techniques, and detection methods all together in a short, easy to read book, tied together by a single group doing the writing and the editing to assure smooth transition from chapter to chapter, with sufficient Tables and literature references for the reader who looks to further detail.The text will illustrate the pluses and minuses of the various techniques with sufficient references for the reader to obtain extensive detail.


“The strength of the book “Analysis of chemical warfare degradation products” is that it gives a short introduction to CWAs in general and provides the reader with a large number of analytical examples.”  (Anal Bioanal Chem, 21 February 2012)

From the Back Cover
Lethal chemical warfare agents, nerve agents and vesicants, although supposedly not used in warfare today, still pose major threats to life around the world and our surrounding environment. Rapid...

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