The Essential Guide To Internal Auditing

The Essential Guide To Internal Auditing

The Essential Guide to Internal Auditing

The Second Edition of The Essential Guide to Internal Auditing is a condensed version of the Handbook of Internal Auditing, Third Edition. It shows internal auditors and students in the field how to understand the audit context and how this context fits into the wider corporate agenda. The new context is set firmly within the corporate governance, risk management, and internal control arena. The new edition includes expanded coverage on risk management and is updated throughout to reflect the new IIA standards and current practice advisories. It also includes many helpful models, practical guidance and checklists.

From the Back Cover
In recent years the field of internal auditing has undergone significant changes. Auditors no longer spend all of their time preparing detailed reports on low-level problems for junior operational managers; instead they focus on the high-level risks to organizations and present their findings to executive boards and audit committees. They are expected to work with and alongside busy managers to enable them to identify and manage risks to their organizations, while retaining a degree of independence so as to ensure the professional scepticism so essential to the audit role.

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