Presentations Plus

Presentations Plus

Presentations Plus

From the reviews of Presentations Plus --

"If you want some distilled wisdom on how to improve, read this book. The author shows how to develop and deliver an effective and exciting presentation, based on his own success on the battlefield of business. His methods are simple, practical, and proven; his approach is effective. Read the book and find out for yourself."
--Business Executive

"Who knows, reading [Presentations Plus] and applying its advice might just make you too valuable to keep in your present job at your present pay."
--Memphis Business Journal

"Crammed with pithy advice and tips"entertaining, readable...All very convincing, as it should be from someone of David Peoples' experience".
--British Business

"[David Peoples] dresses bare-bones theory with lively examples taken from his own experiences."
--Small Business Magazine

"Probably the best book on making oral presentations yet published."
--Management Accounting

Now, the best selling presentations how-to book ever written is better than ever! Containing a wealth of new material, this Second Edition includes all new chapters on team presentations, presentations as a marketing tool,...

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