The Fit And Healthy Dancer

The Fit And Healthy Dancer

The Fit and Healthy Dancer

Regardless of the grace of their movement, dancers experience injuries more often than the lugs bucking heads on the rugby field or in the boxing ring. On average, dancers are only marginally fitter than the average person on the street, smoke far too much, and do not eat properly, yet still stretch their bodies to extreme levels in the name of performance, and not surprisingly suffer a litany of injuries. This book examines the impact of a variety of dance forms, and puts forth a program for improving training, building stamina, and reducing the risk of injury.

"...This book is both interesting and informative....there is much in the content to benefit any teacher of movement and dance, as well as full-time students and professionals..." (Dance Teacher, Volume 48, Number 7)

"...will undoubtedly be an excellent reference document for the dancer and the dance teacher..." (Physiotherapy in Sport)

From the Back Cover
Dance is a dangerous business. The scientific and medical communities are now beginning to acknowledge that many forms of dance are as strenuous and physically demanding as most sports activities. Indeed, several scientific...

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