Culture And Psychology

Culture And Psychology

Culture and Psychology

This market-leading text puts psychological theories and concepts into a cross-cultural framework that invites you to discover, question, and ultimately, understand the relationship between culture and psychology. Along the way, you'll explore topics like changing gender roles, sexuality, self-esteem, aggression, personality, and mate selection. It all adds up to a text that will leave you with a deeper, more complex understanding of the nature of culture, its relationship to psychological processes, and the differences and similarities between cultures in our increasingly globalized world.

Ganie DeHart, SUNY Genesco: "I found it to be the best of the various cross-cultural textbooks I've used over the years. I have been teaching this course for 16 years, and I've probably used every undergraduate cross-cultural textbook that has come out during that time."

Joy Stratton, CSU Northridge: "It addresses all aspects of psychology instead of focusing on Abnormal Behavior or Treatments or focusing on just one definition of culture (e.g. race, gender)."

Nan Sussman, College of Staten Island: "Matsumoto and Juang is currently the most comprehensive and student-friendly textbook on the topic of culture and psychology."

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