Digital By Design: Crafting Technology For Products And Environments

Digital By Design: Crafting Technology For Products And Environments

Digital by Design: Crafting Technology for Products and Environments

The cutting edge of product design: more than one hundred ingenious examples of the newest materials and latest technologies.

The convergence of interactive technologies with conventional design spheres—furniture and lighting, interiors, product design—is one of the most exciting areas affecting consumer product development. Going beyond "smart" or embedded domestic technologies, these products offer new realms of customization and experience for consumers increasingly looking for products that are more than mere tools.

Imagine chairs that conform to one's body, or a tablecloth whose pattern changes according to the mood or occasion. There's no longer any need for hardwood floors or wallpaper: new textures and finishes can be projected to create any conceivable ambience.

Here is a world of design in which the latest digital technologies are ultimately placed in the hands of users, enriching lifestyles in new and unanticipated ways. 350 color illustrations.

About the Author
Conny Freyer, Sebastien Noel, and Eva Rucki met at London's Royal College of Art and founded their multidisciplinary art and design practice in 2003. They have created installations and products for a broad range of international clients, including the Science Museum and Royal Mail in the...

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