Oprah: The Gospel Of An Icon

Oprah: The Gospel Of An Icon

Oprah: The Gospel of an Icon

“Today on Oprah,” intoned the TV announcer, and all over America viewers tuned in to learn, empathize, and celebrate. In this book, Kathryn Lofton investigates the Oprah phenomenon and finds in Winfrey’s empire—Harpo Productions, O Magazine, and her new television network—an uncanny reflection of religion in modern society. Lofton shows that when Oprah liked, needed, or believed something, she offered her audience nothing less than spiritual revolution, reinforced by practices that fuse consumer behavior, celebrity ambition, and religious idiom. In short, Oprah Winfrey is a media messiah for a secular age. Lofton’s unique approach also situates the Oprah enterprise culturally, illuminating how Winfrey reflects and continues historical patterns of American religions.


“A fascinating study of the modern-day deity’s 25 years as the world’s most beloved BFF, exhaustively researched and elegantly considered. Buy it for the smartest Oprah fan you know.”
(Madison 2011-09-01)

“A fascinating new perspective on a media icon.”
(Vanessa Bush Booklist 2011-03-01)

“Budding and active scholars of cultural, popular, and religious studies will read with interest.”
(Jewell Anderson Library Journal 2011-03-15)

“If you read it [Oprah], you won't think about the connection between religion and...

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