Environmental Archaeology: Principles And Practice

Environmental Archaeology: Principles And Practice

Environmental Archaeology: Principles and Practice

Archaeologists today need a wide range of scientific approaches in order to delineate and interpret the ecology of their sites. But borrowing concepts from other disciplines demands a critical understanding, and the methods must be appropriate to particular sets of data. This book is an authoritative and essential guide to methods, ranging from techniques for measuring time with isotopes and magnetism to the sciences of climate reconstruction, geomorphology, sedimentology, soil science, paleobotany and faunal paleoecology. Their applications are illustrated by examples from the Paleolithic, through classical civilizations, to urban archaeology.

"This book is a well-written and informative discourse on environmental archaeology." Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology

"This important addition to the archaeological literature is certain to benefit graduate teaching in environmental archaeology." CHOICE March 2001

"Dincauze's comprehensive book provides an excellent survey of the study of environmental data and paleocology at archeological sites." CHOICE March 2001

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