An Introduction To Jewish-Christian Relations (Introduction To Religion)

An Introduction To Jewish-Christian Relations (Introduction To Religion)

An Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations (Introduction to Religion)

Relations between Christians and Jews over the past two thousand years have been characterised to a great extent by mutual distrust and by Christian discrimination and violence against Jews. In recent decades, however, a new spirit of dialogue has been emerging, beginning with an awakening among Christians of the Jewish origins of Christianity, and encouraging scholars of both traditions to work together. An Introduction to Jewish-Christian Relations sheds fresh light on this ongoing interfaith encounter, exploring key writings and themes in Jewish-Christian history, from the Jewish context of the New Testament to major events of modern times, including the rise of ecumenism, the horrors of the Holocaust, and the creation of the state of Israel. This accessible theological and historical study also touches on numerous related areas such as Jewish and interfaith studies, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies, international relations and the political sciences.

"...a most welcome overview of the complex, often polemical and hateful, but sometimes creative and constructive history of Jewish-Christian relations." --Journal of Ecumenical Studies

About the Author
Edward Kessler is Founder and Executive Director of the Woolf Institute of Abrahamic Faiths...

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