Epidemiology And Culture (Cambridge Studies In Medical Anthropology)

Epidemiology And Culture (Cambridge Studies In Medical Anthropology)

Epidemiology and Culture (Cambridge Studies in Medical Anthropology)

Demonstrating how practitioners in the emerging field of "cultural epidemiology" describe human health, communicate with diverse audiences, and intervene to improve health and prevent disease, this book uses textual and statistical portraits of disease to describe interdisciplinary collaborations. Interpreting epidemiology as a cultural practice helps to reveal the ways in which measurement, causal thinking, and intervention design are influenced by belief, habit, and theories of power.

"To produce his highly readable text, the author brings to bear a doctoral education and experience in anthropology together with respectable background in epidemiology. The text is, in essence, an address to epidemiologists about the notion of culture by a knowledgeable anthropologist. He uses his thorough grounding in anthropology to sharpen the insights and sensitivities of epidemiologists. I was happy to find the work a pleasure to read."
Mervyn Susser, Sergievsky Professor of Epidemiology Emeritus, Columbia University

"This well-written book provides an excellent discussion of how culture influences epidemiologic research. It is an important book for anyone working in epidemiology of human health or interested in the sociocultural influences on the measurement of disease. This is the most comprehensive book...

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