Hydrodynamics Of High-Speed Marine Vehicles

Hydrodynamics Of High-Speed Marine Vehicles

Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles

This volume considers hydrodynamic aspects of the three main categories of high-speed marine vehicles, i.e. vessels supported by either the submerged hull, an air cushion, or foils. (Submerged-hull-supported vessels include planing and semi-displacement vessels.) The wave environment, resistance, propulsion, seakeeping, sea loads, and maneuvering are extensively covered based on rational and simplified methods. Links to automatic control and structural mechanics are emphasized. A detailed description of waterjet propulsion is given, and the effect of water depth on wash, resistance, sinkage, and trim is discussed. The book contains many illustrations, examples, and exercises.

"excellent coverage of special topics that may not be included in traditional marine hydrodynamics textbooks. The book is an excellent technical resource for information about high-speed vessels, since as it provides a summary of relevant recent research and references. I highly recommend this book to naval architects and marine and coastal engineers. This book is a valuable desktop reference for planners, designers, and decision makers involved in various issues concerning high-speed vessels."
Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering

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