Mesoscale-Convective Processes In The Atmosphere

Mesoscale-Convective Processes In The Atmosphere

Mesoscale-Convective Processes in the Atmosphere

This new textbook seeks to promote a deep yet accessible understanding of mesoscale-convective processes in the atmosphere. Mesoscale-convective processes are commonly manifested in the form of thunderstorms, which are fast evolving, inherently hazardous, and can assume a broad range of sizes and severity. Modern explanations of the convective-storm dynamics, and of the related development of tornadoes, damaging "straight-line" winds, and heavy rainfall, are provided. Students and weather professionals will benefit especially from unique chapters devoted to observations and measurements of mesoscale phenomena, mesoscale prediction and predictability, and dynamical feedbacks between mesoscale-convective processes and larger-scale motions.

"... the initial goal of the book, a study of a family of extremely complex phenomena of foremost interest in the field of atmospheric fluid mechanics, is successfully achieved."
Jose Miguel Pacheco Castelao, Mathematical Reviews

"There is ... a series of online supplemental resources available for this book that could prove to be very helpful to instructors [of] mesoscale meteorology courses ... presents a thorough, clear picture of the theoretical underpinnings of mesoscale processes along with recent research advances ... best suited for graduate students and researchers, although much of the material should be accessible...

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