Curriculum In Context

Curriculum In Context

Curriculum in Context

Easily design appropriate curricula with CURRICULUM IN CONTEXT! This guidebook for teachers and curricula designers focuses on designing curriculum and instruction in the context of contextual teaching and learning, a system that enables students to find meaning by connecting the content of the lesson with the context of their lives. With a practical focus and numerous examples of designs created by actual teachers, this education text provides you with the concepts and skills you need to make appropriate curricular and instructional decisions for your own school and classroom.

1. Why Design Curriculum and Instruction for Contextual Teaching and Learning? 2. Moving From Essential Questions to Statement of Purpose. 3. Overview of Curriculum Design Process and Models. 4. Designing Curriculum for Contextual Teaching and Learning. 5. Knowledge: Concept and Facts in Context. 6. Connecting Outcomes and Assessment. 7. Key Models for Contextual Teaching and Learning. Section II: DESIGNING INSTRUCTION FOR CONTEXTUAL TEACHING AND LEARNING. 8. Creating Instructional Units for Contextual Teaching and Learning. 9. Connecting Instructional Planning with Student Learning. 10. Creating Learning Environments. Appendix A: Sample Curriculum Designs. Appendix B: Sample Instructional Designs.

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