Critical Thinking And Everyday Argument (with InfoTrac)

Critical Thinking And Everyday Argument (with InfoTrac)

Critical Thinking and Everyday Argument (with InfoTrac)

This text introduces students to fundamental principles of argumentation and critical thinking and teaches them that argument is a part of everyday life. It draws on everyday experiences and examples to demonstrate principles of logic, forms of reasoning, propositions and stock issues, evidence, language, and refutation. It also addresses the use of the principles in contexts such as public communication, dyadic argumentation, and small group settings.

"VerLinden invites students to explore a world of argumentation and persuasion in which they are already living--to identify potential fallacies, to enhance critical thinking skills and to ultimately defend a position with improved language, logic and evidence."

"I would describe this text to a colleague as a student-centered, engaging text offering scholars of argumentation a stimulating work for undergraduate course in argumentation and critical thinking. CRITICAL THINKING AND EVERYDAY ARGUMENT boasts the clarity and reasoned approach of its subject. The text is attentive to its audience without sacrificing the intellectual rigor of its subject matter."

"The book simplifies theories of argumentation and critical thinking so that students should find these ideas easy to use in the construction, interpretation, and evaluation of...

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