30 Days In A Life: 2.6 Million Moments

30 Days In A Life: 2.6 Million Moments

30 Days in a Life: 2.6 Million Moments

October 17, 2000, forty-year-old Regina “Gina” Bos disappeared after a performance at an open mike night. Gina’s sister, Jannel Rap, poured her energy into the search, but as of this writing, Gina has not been found.

The pain of losing Gina, followed by an intense desire to find her, eventually brought Jannel to a new place in her life, one where she learned to redirect her anguish into action. After putting her music career on hold, Rap began to witness firsthand how she could funnel her grief and pain into positive energy through her music and start to heal.

30 Days in a Life shares Rap’s inspiring journey of how she refused to allow the tragedy of her sister’s disappearance rob her of hope. Join Rap as she candidly explores her vulnerability, and finds empowerment through rising against the pain and becoming a warrior for personal peace and tranquility.

“A remarkable window into the life of an amazing woman. It is a joy to read a book that is so honest and so personal, to delve into the depths of a woman’s developing spirituality and come up grasping a...

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