Veterinary Parasitology

Veterinary Parasitology

Veterinary Parasitology

This book is intended for veterinary students studying parasitology, practising veterinary surgeons, and those in animal science who require information on all aspects of parasitic disease in domestic animals.

The text is comprehensive, covering both temperate and tropical zones, and deals with all three aspects of parasitology - helminthology, entomology and protozoology - as well as some blood-borne rickettsial infections traditionally taught in the subject. There are also chapters dedicated to reviews of epidemiology, immunity, anthelmintics, ectoparasiticides and laboratory diagnosis.

Because the text is intended for those directly involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of parasitic infections of domestic animals, diseases which are common or important are treated in some detail, the less important being discussed more briefly. For the same reason, details of classification and taxonomy have been kept to the minimum necessary to indicate the relationships between the various species and to facilitate their identification.

Some reviews of the first edition:

"...probably the best available veterinary parasitology text for the practitioner..." (Clinical Insight)

"It will be invaluable to veterinary students and practitioners alike." (British Veterinary Journal)

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This book is intended for veterinary students...

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