The Battle Of Adwa: African Victory In The Age Of Empire

The Battle Of Adwa: African Victory In The Age Of Empire

The Battle of Adwa: African Victory in the Age of Empire

In 1896 a massive Ethiopian army routed an invading Italian force and brought Italy’s conquest of Africa to an end. In defending its independence, Ethiopia cast doubt on the assumption that all Africans would fall under the rule of Europeans, and opened a breach that would lead to the continent’s painful struggle for freedom from colonial rule.

"Jonas has brought Adwa into the fold of transnational history, marrying the local and the global in lively, engaging prose in this excellent exercise in narrative history." 

-- Teshale Tibebu, Temple University, Choice (A Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2012)

"[Jonas has given] us a masterly account of one of the most dramatic moments in the modern history of Africa."
- Bahru Zewde, University of Addis Ababa, Africa Review of Books

Jonas offers the first comprehensive study of one of the most important events in modern African history. He brilliantly brings to life the story of Ethiopian leaders, Italian military officials, and quirky European advisors and observers. Written in a wonderfully evocative and lively style, this book firmly establishes the Battle of Adwa's place in world...

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