The Courage Of Sarah Noble

The Courage Of Sarah Noble

The Courage of Sarah Noble

When Sarah Noble was eight years old she had her great adventure -- going with her father into the wilds of Connecticut to cook for him while he built a house.
There were Indians -- would they be friendly There were many times when Sarah had to say to herself, as her mother had said when she left home, Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble. Keep up your courage.
This charming story is true. Tales of faith and courage and friendship are told over and over again and so kept alive. Here Sarah's adventure is told simply, with feeling and without unnecessary detail.

Chicago Sunday Tribune Based on fact, this unusual story of a remarkable pioneer child carries a heartwarming message of love and faith. Beautifully and simply told for beginning readers, it is charmingly illustrated by Leonard Weisgard.

Christian Science Monitor This is a book unmarred by preachment, piety, or sentimentality -- a book without flaw, it seems to me, which must become an American classic.

The New York Times Book Review ...this story is one to be long remembered for its beautiful simplicity and dignity...


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