Drama Games For Kids: 111 Of Today’s Best Theatre Games

Drama Games For Kids: 111 Of Today’s Best Theatre Games

Drama Games for Kids: 111 of Today’s Best Theatre Games

Looking for refreshing, contemporary drama games that your kids and teens will absolutely love?

Look no further. From the publisher of Amazon’s best-selling Teaching Drama: The Essential Handbook comes a brand new resource packed with 111 theatre activities that will spark life into your drama class….guaranteed.

This 128-page book includes 111 games clearly organized, beautifully formatted, and clearly explained.

The categories include:

  • Warm-Ups: Shorter games to warm-up body and voices and to get the creativity flowing.
  • Ensemble Building: Games that will help your students respect and trust each other while encouraging teamwork and creativity.
  • Break Out of Shell: Games to help students build confidence and drop their barriers.
  • Focus: Games that will help focus kids’ natural energy.
  • Creativity: Games to help students make bold creative choices.
  • Improv: Games to help kids think quickly to create interesting characters, dialogue and story.
Plus, helpful tips and notes on how to best execute the games and game variations!

What others are saying:

“So great! I’ve learned so many interesting games and even the ones I was already familiar with had some...

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